Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Since last we spoke:

I went to Colorado.
I got a septum piercing.
Started gauging my ears. I'm up to a 10 now. Cuz i'm kewl.
Graduated Community college with a 3.05 GPA and enrolled in "real" college.
Got dreads. 
Started the journey toward having dreads.
Hopelessly and emotionally obsessed over my grandma's old house.
started (trying) to buy a car on Craigslist.
Thought about Dozer a lot.
That's all.....

Here's my timeline!

I'll also try to figure out how to add a widget showing a countdown (count up?) showing the real time age of my 31 new babies. once I do figure out how to do that I'll put it over there somewhere. =========>

I realized this is a rather incoherent post. not that that's a new concept. Sometimes I read other peoples' blogs and wonder if they plan out what they're going to blog about. they probably do. they might even make outlines and drafts. That has never been a strength of mine. I pretty much always just started essays by diving in head first. That's probably gonna cause problems for me in real college.

oh well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Things I Can't Do...

  1. I can't make pancakes. 
  2. Or waffles.
  3. I can't pass a mirror without looking.
  4. I can't chew gum. I used to chew gum ALL THE TIME. Like, imagine what you would consider too much gum-chewing. Now triple it. That was me. And now, because of that, I have (undiagnosed) TMJ. Which really sucks because I REALLY WANT A PIECE OF GUM.
  5. I really can't estimate. I can't guess what time it is without an indicator, I can't estimate how long something is going to take, I can't estimate how many of X is in Y. I can't guess how long a movie has been on or has left. Just can't do it.
  6. I can't not sing along to Disney Movies. 
  7. Or Tim Burton movies. Especially Nightmare Before Christimas. <3 <3 <3
  8. I can't wear a hat. I like hats, and I have a few, but whenever I think, "Oh, I'll wear this today" I pretty much wear it for five minutes, then get self-conscious and think I look ridiculous and take it off. Oh well. 
  9. I can't not finish a mind puzzle. like a word search or Sudoku, or similar things. if I start one, I want to finish it in the same sitting. Crossword puzzles don't really apply here. Not really my thing. It's mostly Sudoku; if I start one and try to come back to it later, I get really confused. 
  10. I can't comfortably watch TV with the volume on any number that's not a multiple of five. ESPECIALLY if it's X1, X4, X6, or X9 because JEEZ JUST TURN IT UP OR DOWN ONE, IT'S LIKE THE EXACT SAME. 
  11. I can't sleep in pitch darkness. I have a slight fear of the dark. 
  12.  I can't figure out depth of field. I changed the stupid aperture, and the background won't get clearer. Blehh. 
  13. When I'm doodling, I can't leave a line alone if I didn't draw it perfectly how i want it. Which eventually leads it into an unbelievably thick indistinguishable block, which I then have to erase and redo, leading into a vicious cycle. 
  14. If I see one of those stupid pictures on facebook with a mathematical equation, that asks which is the right answer, I can't not solve it. I don't comment the answer because anything that asks for likes and comments and shares is stupid, by default. But I do solve them. Actually, not even just those; most times I see an equation....
  15. I can't ever decide when my lists should stop. Let's just stop here. 15 is a multiple of five. 

It's not bad to not be able to do something, and it's not bad to acknowledge the things you can't do; it's pretty worse to ignore that you have flaws, even though it kinda sucks at first. Eventually, you'll accept things as fact, or learn to improve yourself. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


Guys, these are the lifetime views of my blog. OMG. I definitly did NOT think it'd been seen this many times. If you're reading this, comment! Let me know! How did you find me? What would you like me to talk about? What are the hard-hitting issues? I kinda died for a year, but I'm gonna try to pick back up again, but it sucks blogging when you feel like you only have two readers. subscribe, comment, share with your friends! twitter/facebook share over there ======================================>

Any ideas for future blog posts are welcome. I'll also try to work out a schedule, and then maybe that'll help me be a bit more on top of things. Bye for now!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey look, I haven't posted in over a year, and I'm gonna come back with some serious heaviness. Cool.

I'm SO SICK of hearing about a "war on Christmas". Come on, now, do you really think that's happening? From the end of October all the way up to Christmas day, Christmas DOMINATES America. I could count on my hands the number of times I've seen a reference to Hanukkah and those very few times have always been in passing, and I've never once seen an entire commercial dedicated to this Jewish holiday. Come to think of it, the only movie about Hanukkah I can remember having ever seen is 8 crazy nights, and the spotlight was shared with --you guessed it-- Christmas. Nearly every TV show does a Christmas special every single year. There's a Santa everywhere you go. Christmas is displayed everywhere, while I had no idea what Kwanzaa even was until I researched it myself! Do you know what it is? Doubt it. Because obviously, if Americans cared as much about equality as we claim to, that would lead to knowing about things that are different, and that would of course, perpetuate the "War on Christmas," right? 

This leads me to a very important point: If a group is the dominant group that has always been in the majority, and has been the one to oppress other groups through history, you are not being oppressed when they ones YOU  have been oppressing come closer to equality. if the LGBT community gains the rights they should have always had, that doesn't magically take the rights away from the straight community, nor do whites somehow become oppressed because minority races are coming up in the world. So shut up. 

EDIT: This whole "merry Christmas" vs "happy holidays" thing is stupid. Saying "Happy Holidays" rather than something specific is simply polite. I don't assume that everyone celebrates the same thing I do, but I know that there are more than one holiday taking place during this particular season, therefore, saying Happy Holidays can apply to anyone. THAT BEING SAID, I also believe that a person who celebrates Hanukkah or Kwanzaa Isn't going to get snippy if you tell them Merry Christmas, just as we wouldn't be offended if someone from either of these faiths greeted us with a cheerful "Happy Hanukkah" or the proper greeting for Kwanzaa (It changes for each day, I believe). THAT BEING SAID (again, lol) I believe, personally, it is also polite to greet a person appropriately if you know what their religious affiliation is. If I knew someone was Jewish, specifically, I would say Happy Hanukkah in order to give a more personalized feel. This is just my own preference, though, not that huge a deal. 

Happy Holidays to all, and I hope my Jewish readers (lol, look at me pretending I have more than two readers) enjoyed Hanukkah earlier this month. 

Remember the point of the season, everyone: Be Kind and love one another. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gay Marriage

I hate seeing all these straight couples who have only been dating or a few years (and in most cases much much less) and on a whim, decided to get married, usually at a young age.
As a general rule, your marriage will not work out. I know there may be a few exceptions, but for most pf you, no. I don't mean to sound pessimistic or bitchy, but when so something so drastically life-altering at such a Young age, it's not gonna work. I can't completely blame you, though; our generation grew up idolizing girls like Ariel, who gave up everything for a man, and married him at sixteen, cuz she thought they were in love after she saw him ONCE and they NEVER talked. He thought he was in love because he found a girl who didn't say anything (dream on boys).
I've gone slightly off finger. My point is, we've grown up on movies of fast and young marriages, so subconsciously, that's what we think is right. And because these children are HETEROSEXUAL, they can marry whoever and whenever and for however long they want.
Now, what about those couples who have been together for YEARS but can't exercise the same right, simply because they have matching genitalia?
Recently, I heard of a gay couple who, after SIXTY FIVE YEARS together, were finally able to marry. Sixty-five years. Wow. And now, I see straight couples who have been together for so much fewer years (like, a year, sometimes less).

It just really frustrates and angers me that so many people are against gay marriage because 'it ruins the sanctity of marriage'. Well, first of all; religion is not supposed to have any impact on the law. I'm not naive, I know that America was founded on Christianity, and that there will always be found some degree of religion effecting law. I understand that, I just mean that there is SUPPOSED to be separation of church and state. 

Moving on. 

Second of all, if those two gay men I mentioned earlier are ruining the sanctity of marriage after having already shown that they can stay in a committed relationship for a billion years, then what is to be said about a straight couple my age, divorcing after just a few months? 

It really is the biggest injustice in my opinion. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had; Someone to live for, unafraid to say I Love You!!!

Movies I'll never get sick of watching.

  1. Rent. I cry every. Single. Time.
  2. Nightmare Before Christmas. It's been my favorite movie for eighteen years. No joke. 
  3. Titanic. <3
  4. Anchorman. HILARIOUS.
  5. The ballad of Ricky Bobby. I'M GONNA COME AT YOU LIKE A SPIDER MONKEY!
  6. Mamma Mia. Although, I think I'll  get sick of it before Astrid does. 
  7. Sweeney Todd. 
  8. Juno. 
  9. Wedding singer. OH SOMEBODY SHOOT ME PLEASE! Ahahha!!
  10. Oooh, The Notebook. <3
  11. Pretty much any Disney movie. (NOT Disney CHANNEL movie. know the difference.)
  12. Harry Potter. 
  13. Now that I'm trying to think of movies, I seem to have forgotten every movie I've ever seen ever. 
  14. KAY BYE NOW!
  15. okay, fine. a few more. 
  16. I got 89% on my math test. 
  17. yup. 
  18. I finally saw The Hunger Games. 
  19. Not bad. 
  20. But pretty slow for a two and a half hour movie. 
  21. But I couldn't really expect them to be able to portray all the emotions and stuff from the book. 
  22. not bad at all. 
  23. Cant wait for the others.
  24. My sunburn is healing. 
  25. IT ITCHES. 
  26. The cafeteria at my school closes at 1:30.
  27. wtf?
  28. I'm there till 8PM, I'd like to eat, thank you very much. 
  29. Jerks.
  30. Here's some Helpful Hints!
  31. Here's Some More!
  32. Bzzzzzz.
  33. Kay, dis made me laffz.  
  35. I want this done with my body after all my organs are donated. Just so everyone knows. 
  36. I'll stop now. Goodnight. :D

Thursday, August 16, 2012


It has been brought to my attention that there has been trouble with the commenting system. I'm pretty sure i've fixed it, so, ya know... comment. :D